Eco & Pet Freindly Pool Chemicals

Always Remember Pets Should Never Drink the Pool Water with any type of Chemical is used. Pet Friendly means it is gentler on their skin & hair – Always have fresh water available poolside!

Pool Salt – 40 lb Bag – 99% Pure Salt-Fast Dissolving Crystals 10.00
Natural Chemistry Salt Water Magic 1 ltr
Removes Organics, Phosphates and Prevents Scaling
Natural Chemistry Cell Protector 1 ltr
Calcium Inhibitor and Protects the Life of the Cell
The Frog Chlorine Bac Pack – Each 18.00
The Frog Bam – Each 21.00
The Frog Above Ground Mineral Pack 75.00
The Frog In Ground Mineral Pack 95.00
New Water Cycler Pack – Above Ground 105C – Each 30.00
New Water Cycler Pack – In Ground – Each 44.00
Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid – 2 ltr Concentrated Enzyme & Organic Clarifier. Great for Emergency Pool Clean Ups! 22.00
Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect – 1 ltr – Cleans water/filter & leaves water silky smooth. Non-toxic, Environmently Friendly. Use Weekly 18.00
Borax/Borate – 55 lbs
Offers Balanced pH/Soft Water/Less Chlorine Usage
Additional products containing Borate are available – please call for more information
Zeofiber – Cellulose Fiber – DE Alternative 3 lb Bag
Safer for Environment when backwashing
Offers longer filtration cycles and you use less than standard DE powder after initial charge/start up of filter