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Aquasalt 40 lb
Aquasalt 40 lb

Aquasalt LLC – Aquasalt

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Evaporated Food Quality AQUASALT is intended for use in swimming pools with a chlorine generator or salt water sanitizing system and not for human consumption. AQUASALT is greater than 99% sodium chloride or NaCl. The purity and crystal size are designed to produce the fastest dissolve rate in swimming pools and spas with chlorine generators.


The product is made in the mechanical vapor recompression evaporating system from saturated brine. The salt is dried and screened for even distribution and dissolving.


AQUASALT should be distributed over the greatest water surface area possible to result in the fastest dissolve rate. Follow the Chlorine Generator Manufacturer guidlines for quantity and frequency of adding salt. Avoid piling the salt on the pool surface and brush as necessary until fully dissolved.

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40 lb