Pool Liners: Mil vs. Gauge

What is the difference? Why do some companies sell their liners measuring the thickness as Mil and others use the term Gauge?

This question comes up time and time again. I have worked in this industry for many, many years and we always sold our liners based on the Mil, which is a specific measurement of thickness. The term “gauge” is NOT an exact measurement of vinyl liner material. Gauge is a term used in the development of sheet metal, wire and other metal tools. The higher the gauge, the thinner the metal.

Unfortunately, there are many companies that sell their liners using the term gauge, which only confuses the customer.

A Mil is equal to .001 of an inch. A 20 Mil liner is 20/1000 of an inch or to be exact .0205. Whereas, if using a measurement in gauge, it would be only .0185 of an inch and therefore, a 20 Gauge liner would be “thinner” than a true 20 Mil liner.

Don’t be fooled, be sure to ask the true Mil not the Gauge of your liner. You could be dealing with a manufacturer that is producing a much thinner product!!

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